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Whitireia has developed a national reputation over the last 30 years for producing work ready nursing graduates highly regarded by industry. Graduates have sound academic knowledge and are highly valued beginning clinicians who gain employment.

  • New Zealand Diploma in Enrolled Nursing

    Enrolled nurses work under the direction and delegation of a registered nurse, on a variety of health and disability settings. This programme provides theory and hands-on experience to develop the skills required to become an enrolled nurse. LEVEL 5

  • Bachelor of Nursing

    Learn to become a nurse with a range of clinical skills in this supportive programme, offering hands-on experience. Whitireia nursing graduates are highly sought after for their practical, work-ready skills.     LEVEL 7

  • Bachelor of Nursing Māori

    Designed specifically for Māori students, this programme focuses on the health needs of Māori and non-Māori within the New Zealand context. LEVEL 7

  • Bachelor of Nursing Pacific

    Designed specifically for Pacific students, this programme focuses on the health needs of Pacific and non-Pacific communities in the New Zealand context. LEVEL 7

  • Competency Assessment Programme for Nurses

    If you are a nurse who has registered overseas, or one who wants to return to clinical practice after time away, this programme will help you apply for your annual practising certificate. LEVEL 7

  • New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Social and Community Services) - Community Health Work Strand

    Learn about child development and promoting child and whānau health in this programme for people working in well child services which focuses on children under five years in clinics, clients' homes, marae and Pacific health settings. LEVEL 4


Why choose nursing?

  • Nursing is a very diverse career choice and involves working with and caring for people of all backgrounds, religions and cultures. 
  • Nursing is a profession that requires empathy, compassion, communication and teamwork.
  • You will use your specialized knowledge and training everyday, to manage the many different rewarding and challenging situations that nursing brings.
  • You also need to be able to problem solve, often in challenging situations in a variety of areas such as a person’s home, medical centre, prison, emergency room, retirement home, factory and marae.
  • A nurse can earn a competitive salary and work anywhere in the world.
  • With your degree, you can also advance your education and can become an independent clinical specialist, work in education, management or policy.
  • The variety of opportunities for nurses is endless.


Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Nursing is a qualification that gives the registered nurse opportunities to work in a wide variety of settings, both nationally and internationally.


Nurses are present across the entire spectrum of health-service delivery and, with over 40,000 registered; they are the largest part of the professional health workforce.  The most common image of the nurse is in a hospital ward or general practice, but in reality, nurses are found in a much wider range of health and disability services settings.


There is a nurse at work in child-health services, residential-care facilities, mental-health services, community services, marae, independent-nurse clinics, public-health services, occupational health and safety, the defence forces, sexual-health services, ACC case management, prisons, policy development and implementation, health-service management, education and research – as well as in many other settings. 

Becoming a Registered Nurse

Students who successfully complete a Bachelor of Nursing Programme are required to sit the Nursing Council of New Zealand State Final examinations.   When these examinations are passed, the student becomes a registered nurse.  This qualification enables the graduate to work as a beginning staff nurse in all areas where registered nurses are employed.

Future Opportunities

On becoming a registered nurse, most graduates apply for new graduate programmes, which are run by many of the District Health Boards throughout New Zealand.  Many graduates will also go onto complete postgraduate studies in nursing specialities i.e. Mental Health Nursing, Hospice Palliative Care and Primary Health Care.  Some graduates will travel overseas, where a Bachelor of Nursing Degree from New Zealand is internationally recognised.

Bachelor of Nursing Staff

Academic Leader     Leanne Pool
Tutors Alexandra Wordsworth
Agustilia Rodrigues
Miriam White
Marcella Gregan
Sandra Jones
​Vicky Jennings
Katie Owen
Liz Day
Shelley Winters
Belinda McGrath
Ari Neocleous
Jacqui Murray
Michael Hall
Molly Page

Cath Touhy

Annie Kane

Diploma in Enrolled Nursing

​Tutors ​Ros Leahy

Megan Paewai

Brenda Baker

Chris Trow

Postgraduate Nursing & Health Studies  Brochure

Maori Nursing
Pacific Nursing
Postgraduate Nursing and Health Studies

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