Learning Investment in our Communities: Māori, Pacific and Youth Strategies


Whitireia has committed to making a learning investment in the diverse communities it serves, and as part of this has developed strategies for Māori, Pacific and Youth. Separate strategies have been developed in order to have a clear idea of the needs, issues and context for each of the communities. Although these communities have diverse elements there are also commonalities, and the strategies do have links and overlaps. The strategies have been combined into an integrated framework so that they can be implemented together as much as possible, ensuring this is efficient and effective.

As the strategies are being implemented, they will become embedded into teaching and learning, professional development/leadership, ongoing evaluation and improvement, research and student services. This will ensure we improve our operational effectiveness and capability to support successful educational outcomes for our communities.

Māori Strategy

Pacific Strategy 

Youth Strategy

Strategies Framework


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Whitireia and WelTec have formed a strategic partnership to develop
a network of tertiary learning throughout the Wellington region.
Whitireia and WelTec partnership