Certificate in English Language 

Our English courses teach listening, reading and writing skills and effective communication in everyday situations.

Programme Description

Certificate in English for Further Studies prepares you for further studies at polytechnic or university. Students are encouraged to apply for training or study at Whitireia, or university when they have completed their English studies.

Our English courses teach the development of listening, reading and writing skills and effective communication in everyday situations.

Study tour programmes: designed for groups who want to learn English combined with recreational and cultural experiences in New Zealand.

We want to ensure your learning needs are met at our English Language School. To do this:

  • You can start your classes at any time. (We would recommend you start at the beginning of the term).
  • You can decide how long you wish to enrol. Average class size 12 to 16.
  • We have four levels of English classes, from elementary to advanced.
  • You will be assessed when you arrive to ensure you are placed in the correct class.
  • You can choose to study English combined with another programme, for example, Business. 

Programme Outline

Students work towards developing proficiency in English:

The English Skills programme (15 hours a week) includes the key skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing with tasks set to develop each student's ability to use these skills for further study.

Vocabulary and grammar development is included in all course activities.

The Language Development programme (8 hours a week) includes a range of activities.

Depending on their level, students may be in a class focusing on further grammar and vocabulary development, English for Business, English for International Tourism or Preparation for the IELTS exam.

Special Topics may include: Self access study (language laboratory and computers); New Zealand institutions and culture; Grammar Plus; extensive reading; seminar presentation skills; creative writing.

Availability of courses will depend on numbers of students attending. 

Programme Completion

A Whitireia Polytechnic Certificate is awarded on completion of the English programmes for students who complete a minimum 12 week block.

English Tuition Fees.
Full-time, 23 hours/week NZ$399 a week

Part-time, Please contact us

Entry Requirements

The English Language programme is open to all speakers of other languages who would like to improve their English language skill. 

Other Programmes

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Teacher training (early childhood)
Music, Performing Arts
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