Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Apply to Study at Whitireia?

You can apply yourself or by using an agent. Your Application to Enrol form can be posted, you can apply online or you can come in to our International & Enrolment Centre on campus where you can fill out the application/enrolment form.

What do I need to Provide?

You or your agent need to complete the Application to Enrol form. You must supply a copy of your latest IELTS result (no more than 2 years old) and a copy of your valid passport. You may also wish to supply documentation relating to other relevant qualifications, or work experience and career wishes.

Your information will be assessed and authorized and if your application is successful you will be issued an Offer of Place Letter. This will set out your fees for your programme of study, a quote for compulsory insurance, and other related costs. This will also provide details of how to pay these fees.

You can pay by bank transfer (details are listed in the Offer of Place) or come into the International & Enrolment Centre and pay the Cashier. You will not be enrolled in your programme of study until you have paid full the amount stated on the Offer of Place Letter. You will need to pay for your programme of study at least two weeks before your programme commences. If you have supplied all the relevant information your enrolment will be processed within 42 hours.

Why do we ask for your birth certificate or passport?

We need proof of your legal name, date of birth, citizenship or residency.  If your name has changed, you will also need to provide proof of the change, e.g. a marriage certificate.

Can I bring a photocopy of my birth certificate?

Yes, if it has been verified (signed) by a solicitor, Justice of the Peace (JP) or kaumatua.  We can also photocopy and verify your original documents for you.

How do I get my Student Visa?

Once you have received your Offer of Place Letter, you pay your fees to Whitireia New Zealand. When you have received your receipt, you can take your Offer of Place letter and receipt to the New Zealand Immigration Office in your country. They will issue you with a visa and you can start your programme. You must then give a copy of your student visa to our International & Enrolment Centre staff to keep on your file.

How do I get my Student Visa renewed?

Current international students must apply to renew their visa 1-2 months before the expiry date.  Students should make contact with an International Student Advisor at our Information & Enrolment Centre.

How long does it take to confirm my enrolment?

If you've brought or sent us everything we need, it will usually take betwwen two or five working days.  Enrolment confirmation for international students will ne sent back either directly to the applicant or through an agent, if this is how you enrolled.

How do I pay my fees?

After you have been offered a place on your programme and you have confirmed your acceptance of this place, you can pay your fees.

How and when do I get a student ID card?

When your enrolment has been processed and your programme is about to start, please come to International & Enrolment Centre to have an ID card issued. We will take your photo and print your card while you wait. You need a Whitireia student ID card to access the library, the learning management systems and to log in to the computers on campus.

Who do I contact if I have any queries?

Call the Information & Enrolment Centre on 0800 Whitireia (0800 944 847) or email .

What happens if I decide to withdraw from all or part of my programme?

You must inform your tutor or Faculty, fill in a Withdrawal form and an International Refund Policy form and discuss your requirements with the International & Enrolment Centre team.

What is Whitireia New Zeland's Refund Policy?

Please look at Whitireia New Zealand's refund policy

If you think you are entitled to a refund, you must complete an International Refund Policy form and discuss your requirements with the International & Enrolment Centre team.

Can I use my outstanding English fees towards another course?

If you are accepted into a mainstream programme at Whitireia, you can credit any outstanding ESOL fees towards the cost of this programme. We charge a NZ$75 administration fee.

What about homestays?

Our International & Enrolment Centre team can arrange homestay accomodation for you if you request this or tick 'yes' for this arrangement on the Application to Enrol form. The cost for homestay in the Auckland, Porirua, Wellington and Kapiti areas is NZ$230 per week. Students must stay for a minimum of four weeks in a homestay before choosing other accommodation.

How do I pay the homestay?

You can pay the homestay directly, two weeks in advance. Please see our pages on Homestays and on other accommodation options.

What happens when I arrive at the Airport? Will someone meet me?

Your homestay or hostel parent will be there to meet you. They will be carrying a Whitireia New Zealand sign with your name on it to identify themselves.

Can I drive in New Zealand?

If you have an up-to-date drivers licence, you can drive for up to 12 months on your foreign licence. Then you must sit a New Zealand licence.

Can I work in While I Study?

You can work up to 20 hours per week if you are enrolled in a full time Diploma or Degree programme (Level 5 or higher). You cannot work if you are studying only an English block unless you are on a special working holiday visa.

What support is available to International Students at Whitireia Polytechnic?

At Whitireia we have a number of staff who are there to support you. Chrissie Wolfensohn is the International Student Support Coordinator in Wellington and Christina Honan is the Student Counsellor in Auckland. Chrissie and Christina are there to discuss any personal problems you may have. Our International & Enrolment Centre team can help with academic matters, visas, etc.

We also offer financial support, health services, academic support from and a doctor (whose visits are heavily subsidised).

We look forward to welcoming you to Whitireia New Zealand.

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