Hannah Butcher Paramedic

Who says generation Y don’t step up?

It’s your first day on a clinical placement; you’re fresh out of high school and have been on the course for about six weeks. Feeling a bit nervous, but not expecting anything too exciting to happen, you prepare for a day of ‘watching the pros’. You’re greeted at 9am with a patient that needs a simple transfer, but instead, the patient goes into cardiac arrest and you must immediately assess the situation and respond. You perform chest compressions. You save his life.

“It was extremely exciting and obviously pretty nerve-racking!” says Hannah Butcher. “I was expecting a slow start to my first clinical not landing in the deep-end. I am thankful for the experience though, it has really confirmed for me that this is the job I want to be in.” Hannah is in the first year of a Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic) at Whitireia.

Tutor Glenn Mitchell has been involved with the ambulance industry for 24 years and has been teaching at Whitireia for 3 years. “It has been a natural progression into teaching for me,” he says. “It is a very important role, training the next generation how to deal with people’s lives on a daily basis. All the tutors here are incredibly passionate and we are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of graduates.”

There are currently 35 graduates working at Wellington Free Ambulance that have studied on the Paramedic course at Whitireia.

In June this year Tony Ryall announced funding of an extra $48 million over four years for ambulance services. This will pay for 100 new paramedics, which will improve the rates of double crewing on ambulances.

Hannah says “my experience on the course so far has been over and above what I expected. It is a huge job to take on but my confidence is growing every day.”

“A lot of people come to this course having seen ambulances out on the road, or believing they know what they are in for after watching Shortland Street a few times,” says Mitchell. “But there is a lot more to this job – it is learning and teaching all the time.  It is taking lives into your hands every day. ”

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