Janya Sankawat Business

Originating from Thailand, Janya graduated from Whitireia in 2009 and is now working at Air New Zealand.

Janya Sangkawat arrived in Auckland in 2000, having decided to come to New Zealand for tertiary education.  She is originally from Bangkok, Thailand. Janya had been in New Zealand four years before coming to Whitireia.  While at Whitireia, Janya completed a Bachelor of Applied Business Studies, majoring in Marketing.  She graduated in 2009. Probably the most important thing Janya learnt at Whitireia was that education and knowledge help develop your strengths and give you the many different skills to help you find the ‘ticket to your career success.’

On explaining how she obtained her first job opportunity, Janya said, “After throwing my CV around to at least 50 different companies over several weeks, I received a call from the recruitment agent company 'Robert Walters’'.  I had an interview, a data entry and Excel test with them.  After I passed their tests, they sent me to their client company, Air New Zealand for another interview.  I was eventually given a 1 year contract with Air New Zealand and after proving my worth to them, was offered a permanent role as a Processing Clerk.”

“My current role is as a 'Processing Clerk'.  My responsibilities include dealing with all the supply invoices for Air New Zealand from around the world including USA, Japan, Fiji, Hong Kong and lots of other locations.  Every time Air New Zealand or our clients have to pay for any products or services, including rent, phone, power or water bills, they will send all those bills to me.  After all the bills and invoices are scanned I process them into our system for future payment.”

“The main reason I think I got this role was because of my 'Can do and Positive Attitude'.  During my time as a contractor, every time my team leader gave me something to do, no matter how boring or how hard it was, I put all my heart and soul into completing the task at hand. I was told by my team leader that she was very impressed with my work, because not many people are as keen as I am. I was very happy and so proud of myself to hear something like that coming from my boss.  When a position for my current role opened up she gave me a fantastic reference, and I got the job.  I am now a proud 'Air New Zealander', hooray!”

“It will not be easy to get a good job in New Zealand, but it is possible, you just have to work hard for it.  As English is not our first language, you have to compete with so many people who do not have this as a weakness.  So you have to work  harder than them, you have to shine, and show the employer why they should choose you over everybody else.”

Janya has this message for all international students, “Ultimately, I believe a 'CAN DO & POSITIVE ATTITUDE' will help you succeed in your future career and everything in your life”.

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