Living costs in New Zealand 

It’s difficult to estimate an average cost of living in New Zealand, as it depends on where you live as well as your lifestyle.

If you live in the city, drive a BMW and dine in expensive restaurants, your cost of living will be much higher than if you live in a suburb, drive a small Japanese car and live on lamb and kiwi fruit.
You can live relatively inexpensively by buying New Zealand produce when possible and avoiding expensive imported goods, which are more expensive not only because of the distance they have to travel, but also because they’re considered fashionable.

The following list provides a rough idea of the weekly cost of living for a student in New Zealand.

Indicative Living Costs

Approximate costs in NZ$ for various items:

  • Women's hair cut $50.00-$90.00
  • Men's hair cut $10.00-$40.00
  • McDonald's Big Mac $5.20
  • Take-out pizza (large) $13.00
  • Coffee (Large flat white) $4.50
  • Coca-Cola (1.5L) $3.29
  • Light lunch $5.00-$15.00
  • Restaurant meal $14.00-$40.00
  • Milk (per litre) $2.47
  • Movie ticket $17.00
  • Theatre ticket $11.00- $145.00
  • Entertainment per week $50.00
  • Bus ride (1 stage) 80 cents
  • Taxi 3km ride $8.00
  • Pair of Levi jeans (mens) $119.00
  • Woollen sweater $40.00-$140.00
  • T-shirt $20.00-$45.00
  • Gym membership $600.00 per year
  • Game of golf $10.00-$20.00
  • Shampoo $3.50-$12.00
  • Toothpaste $2.00-$3.00
  • Gasoline $2.29 per litre
  • Student Insurance: travel, health $571.25 per year
  • Visit to doctor $45.00
  • Medicine $5.00-$15.00 per item
  • Visit to dentist $50.00-$120.00 per visit
  • Student rate for visit to doctor $20.00

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