Managing Your Time 


To be a successful student, it is important to learn to manage your time and effort. Students from cultures where time is seen differently will notice that New Zealanders place a high value on punctuality.

Full-time studies in New Zealand (lectures & tutorials) are usually around 20 hours per week, that is, 4 to 5 hours per day, Monday to Friday. International students are also allowed to work part time not exceeding 20 hours a week. Finding the right balance between studies, work and socialising is always a challenge for students in New Zealand, especially those who are not used to living independently and managing their own time and resources.


You will need to consider these things:

How you allocate your time to classes, study, chores, recreation and social life.

Be aware that you must complete essays and class assignments by the due dates set by your tutors. Decide on priorities and set time aside to work on them. Plan ahead and stick with your plan.

Try to get hold of your text-books early. Use the study breaks to do some of your required reading. Remember, most students run short of time during the semester.

You should try to complete all your assignments on time. Be aware of what mark each assignment is worth for your final assessment.

Allow enough time for study and revision towards the end of the semester.

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