International Student Refund Policy Summary

This summary outlines the circumstances in which course fees can be refunded to International Students.

Refunds of tuition fees will only be made in accordance with the following policy:

By accepting a place in a programme at Whitireia, a student enters a contract with Whitireia New Zealand for a predetermined period.

  • This contract means that there is an obligation to pay the fee for the length of the programme.
  • Students who wish to defer their programme to the following semester must notify the Whitireia International Enrolments team a minimum of two weeks before the programme starts.
  • Students who receive a deferment are not subsequently entitled to a refund.
  • There is no automatic right to a refund of fees if a students changes his/her mind about studying at Whitireia.
  • All applications for refunds must be on the request for a withdrawal/refund application form obtainable from the International Enrolments team.
  • Supporting information must be submitted in writing to the International enrolments team.
  • Refunds are paid in New Zealand dollars or a nominated currency by bank cheque or draft sent to:
    • the applicant's registered address (in country of origin), or
    • another tertiary institution

Under special circumstances, the refund can be paid directly into a nominated bank account. All refunds incur a bank/administration charge.

  • If new Zealand Immigration Services refuse to grant a student an initial visa for study in New Zealand, the student is entitled to a 95% refund of the tuition fees (5% administration charge deducted).
  • If Whitireia is unable to proceed with the programme offered to a student, the tuition fee is refunded in full.
  • If a student wishes to withdraw their programme and leave New Zealand and notice is received by the International Enrolments team a minimum of two weeks before your programme starts, 75% of paid tuition fees will be refunded.
  • If a student wishes to withdraw from their programme and/or does not attend the start of the programme, and gives notice to the International Enrolments team up to two weeks of the programmes start date (either before or after the start date), paid tuition fees less an administration fees of 50%. NO refund will be given after classes have been operating for two weeks.
  • If a student wishes to transfer to another institution, 75% of fees will be paid directly to that institution.  Notice must be received by the International Enrolments team up to two weeks before the student's programme starts. An unconditional Offer of Place from the other institution will be required for the transfer of funds to be arranged.
  • If a student taking a semester-based programme and gains New Zealand Permanent Residency, they will not receive a refund of fees for the semester in which Permanent Residency is granted. However, in following semesters they will be treated as a New Zealand Permanent Resident and refunded and International fees paid beyond the semester in which residency was granted.
  • Exceptional circumstances of a compassionate nature, as approved by Whitireia, may necessitate a student's withdrawal from a programme. In these circumstances, the amount of fees refunded will be at the discretion of Whitireia.
  • If a student has extra weeks of pre-paid English study they cannot be refunded, but can be credited to another programme at Whitireia.
  • If a student undertaking English reaches the IELTS level required for degree study and wishes to transfer to another institution, the remaining portion of the fees (with 30% administration charge deducted) will be paid directly to that institution. An unconditional Offer of Place will be required for this transfer to be arranged.

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