Using the Library Databases from Home


Our "Athens" service provides you with a single login and password for our international research databases. 

Instructions : First, log on to a computer at any of our campuses, then complete the registration form, which requires an email account, your Whitireia ID number. Your access to Athens ends on your course finishing date this year.


 Frequently Asked Questions

 I have registered this year, where do I go to log in?

  • MyAthens : LOGIN PAGE 

  • Click here for instructions on how to log in to a specific database site (links are on the library homepage) or My Athens (where all the databases will be listed)
  • Athens can be recognised by its logo on the database page or link on the page labelled Athens

What should I do if I forget my Athens login details?

  • Your username will be a standard format: wcp followed by your first initial, last name, 001
    e.g. wcpflastname001 Note: the last 3 digits of your user name are numbers. 
  • Your password is what you chose when you registered.  
    Click here to : RESET MY PASSWORD
    Enter your Athens username and email address in the boxes provided. If the information is correct, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. If this does not work, then contact the library

Why can I not log in, even though I have registered?

  • Make sure that your username and password is correct (see above).
  • Athens logins are case sensitive, so don't use capitals

How do I change my Athens password once my account is set up?

  • Log into MyAthens
  • and click on "My Account" tab, then look for "Change Password" box.

What resources are not part of Athens?

  • NZ and Australian resources are not part of Athens. For other logins and passwords, log on to MyAthens, and click on "Home" tab. Or contact the Library.
  • Some individual journals also require logins and passwords

Where do I go for help?

Whitireia VPN

For off-campus access, you can also try using the Whitireia VPN service: ​
Once logged into VPN, follow the links to the library pages.
For help with using VPN, contact




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