Foundation Year Staff

By the end of its inaugural year in 1986, Parumoana Community College had developed a significant foundation year staff that encompassed support areas, the two academic departments of Nursing and General Studies, as well as the outlier locations of Prosser Street, Champion Street in Cannons Creek, the Porirua Language Project and the Maraeroa Carving School. In his annual report to council from August of that year, council chair Tino Meleisea was able to report that 78 staff were employed, 73% female and 27% male, representing a number of ethnic groups: Māori, Pakeha, Tongan, Thai and Vietnamese.   

Principal Turoa Royal
Deputy Principal Majorie Truong


Noeline Bubendorfer
Helen Aviss                                       
Karen McCoy                                
Elizabeth Mann                             
Phil Shepherd                                
Del Te Kiri                                           
Ema Yandall                                       


Principal's secretary
Deputy Registrar
Property Assistant
Administration Officer


Sally Ansley
Stephen Carroll
Elaine Needham
Chanel White


Student Counsellor
Computer Manager
Student Nurse

General Studies

Linda Baylis
Alison Bell
Stephen Bright
Trish Brimblecombe
Val Collins
Sally Drewitt
Valeti Finau
Fay Harrison
Dale Hartle
Denise Joyce
Piki Kereama
Anne MacGregor
Barbara Marshall
Rangi Nicholson
Anne Philbin
Mary Rose Royal
Long Truong
Jan Watkins


Secretarial Studies Tutor
Secretarial Studies Tutor
YPTP/TAPS Co-ordinator
Secretarial Studies Tutor
Maori Liaison/Bridging Tutor
Secretarial Studies Tutor
Pacific Island Liaison Tutor
Secretarial Studies Tutor
Secretarial Studies Tutor
HOD's Secretary
Maori Language Tutor

Community Studies Co-ordinator
Maori Liaison Tutor
Art/Craft Course Supervisor
Bridging Course Supervisor/Tutor
Bridging Tutor
Course Supervisor - Secretarial Studies

Nursing Studies Department

Jeanette Page
Lisa Bergantino
Sue Jamieson
Ed Smith
Pene Smith
Jean Sneddon
Margaret Southwick
Shirley Wilson


Head of Department
Science Technician
Nursing Tutor
Nursing Tutor
Nursing Tutor
HOD's Secretary
Nursing Tutor
Nursing Tutor

Prosser Street Staff

Jenny Pender
John Callaghan
Jillian Humphries
Peter Robinson
Fay Stradling


Course Supervisor
Metalwork/Welding Tutor
Food Handling Tutor
Retailing/Carpentry Tutor
Typing/Office Assistants Tutor

Champion Street Staff

Roger Armstrong
Garth Baker
Simon Blackiston
Felicity Newton
Ngapera O'Carroll
George Packard


English for Immigrants - Adult Retraining Programme
Communications Skills
Communications Skills
English for Immigrants - Adult Retraining Programme
Communications Skills
Communications Skills

Porirua Language Project

Sue Elliott
Margaret Collinge


Maraeroa Carving School

Lou Kereopa



Joan Solomon


Care taking/Cleaning Staff

Carl Hakaria
Robbie Kahukaka
Owen Mahoney



Early Whitireia Staff Group Photo

Early Whitireia Staff. Back row: unidentified, Shirley Wilson, Elizabeth Mann, Jean Sneddon, Ngapera O'Carroll, Julia Hennessy, Trish O'Keefe, Karen McCoy, Elaine Needham. Fourth row: Anne MacGregor, Margot Mains, Gael Mearns, Carl Hakaria, Dale Hartle, Sally Ansley, Fay Harrison, Stephen Carroll, Barbara Wesney, Jackie McKinlay, Chanel White, Jan Morrison, Ann Porteners, Irihapeti Ramsden, Fay Stradling. Third row: Valeti Finau, Val Collins, Garth Baker, Trish Brimblecombe, Peter Robinson, Owen Mahoney, Alison Bell, Eddie Smith, Roger Armstrong, Piki Kereama, Phil Shepherd, Rangi Nicholson, Terry Gardiner, Jimmy Wiki, John Hinton, unidentified, Ema Yandell. Second row: Lou Kereopa, Anne Philbin, Jan Watkins, Stephen Bright, Marjorie Truong, Turoa Royal, Noeline Bubendorfer, Thana na Nagara, Jeanette Page, Sue Elliot, Long Truong, Mary-Rose Royal, Helen Aviss. Front row: Barbara Marshall, Joan Solomon, Sue Jamieson, Denise Joyce, Ann Coleman, unidentified, Pam Mason, Sarah Hardman, Del Te Kiri, Pene Smith, Jillian Humphries, unidentified.

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