Students under 18

Whitireia accepts international students aged 17 years (but not younger) at the time their programme starts.

Special arrangements apply to students aged under 18 years under the Code of Practice.

Your parents are required to sign an under-18 consent/indemnity form. Your application to study at Whitireia will not be processed until this form is signed by your parents/guardians.

To ensure your safety while in New Zealand:

  • You will be placed with a Whitireia approved homestay family. You are required to stay in this home until you turn 18. This requirement applies to weekends, holidays and Whitireia vacation periods.
  • You will be required to meet Whitireia's International Student Advisor (Support) regularly, to discuss your wellbeing and resolve any issues.
  • Quarterly reports will be send to your parents/guardians about your attendance, progress, achievements, and any issues or concerns identified by academic or support staff. Your parents will be asked to acknowledge receipt of these reports.

This information is correct as of, September 2018


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