Performing Arts students welcome you to Ngaro

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Welcome to Ngaro - “Where it’s safe as houses and the houses are safe” - a two horse town smack bang in the heart of Godzone.

It’s 1982 and it’s never been easier to work the land, raise a family and enjoy the camaraderie of wholesome locals. That is until the bigwigs shut down the meatworks, laying everyone off. In its place, a giant hydro dam promising new power and prosperity for the future.

The dam’s shadow looms large over the small town, black water runs from the taps and a child has just gone missing. Ngaro has never faced a crisis quite like this.

Pitting neighbour against neighbour and family against family, the residents are on the brink of losing everything, while ancient Gods stir in the deep water below. Promising myth, magic and mayhem.

welcome to ngaro taniwha

Welcome to Ngaro, performed by third year Bachelor of Applied Arts (Performing Arts) students, is an original production that investigates community, superstition, fear and change.

Actors have created a fictitious but recognisable New Zealand, set in a time of political upheaval, repression and urbanisation, when conversations around gender roles were only in their infancy.

A group of millennials exploring this pivotal time in New Zealand’s regional development has led them to discover that things aren’t as different as we all may think; our relationships with community, our environment and ultimately ourselves. This has led them to ask the question: What are we prepared to sacrifice to enable a better life for future generations?

Come and visit Ngaro, it’ll be sure to leave an impression. On at Te Auaha, Tapere Iti Theatre, 65 Dixon Street, 29 May to 2 June 2018, 8.30pm.

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