New Zealand Diploma in Screen Production (Level 5)

Learn from industry practitioners and get hands-on experience in screen production. Shoot on the ARRI Alexa, edit on AVID, and learn skills in key roles, including directing, cinematography, production management and film in professional studios.

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Culture and Context in the Screen Industry 

Introduces students to some of the social, economic, cultural and historical conditions they will engage with in the screen production industry, and to academic skills used in the programme.

The Filmmaker’s Journey

Introduces students to film production theory, to film making processes, and basic technical skills, with application in project work.

Screencraft 101: Scriptwriting

Introduces students to the story-telling nature of film-making, structures and devices that are used to create and enhance stories for audiences, and basic scriptwriting skills.

Screencraft 102: Editorial Process

Develops knowledge of technical processes and the use of craft skills in editing screen productions.

Screencraft 103: Production Planning

Develops knowledge of technical processes and the use of skills in pre-production and planning of screen productions.

Screencraft 104: On-Set Production

Develops students’ skills in crew roles in the screen production process, through student work on screen productions.

Screencraft 105: Applied On-Set Production

Develops further knowledge of technical processes and the use of craft skills in crew roles, through participation in student productions

Entry requirements

NCEA Level 2 or equivalent skills and knowledge and evidence of aptitude based on interview.

International students

IELTS 5.5 (no band lower than 5), or equivalent 

 * International fees shown here do not include insurance and administration (currently approximately $780 per year of study)