Kay Laracy

Lecturer, Bachelor of Nursing Māori
MA (Applied) Nsg Merit, RN, BHSc (Nsg), Reg Midwife

Formal Qualifications

MA (Applied) Nursing with Merit , Victoria University of Wellington 2003
Registered Comprehensive Nurse, 1996 Wellington Polytechnic
Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing), 1993 Wellington Polytechnic
Registered Midwife, 1975 St Helens Wellington
Registered General Obstetric Nurse, 1973 Wellington Hospital

Clinical Expertise

Psychiatric, Mental Health Nursing, General Surgical, Medical Nursing, Older Adult, Practice Nursing, Midwifery

Research Interests

Identity - Privilege of Whiteness
Racism - Cultural Safety
Art - Visual thinking
Student journey - Nursing Education

Scholarly Activity

Laracy, K., and Trimmer, W. (2011). Primary Mental Health Care: A handbook for health professionals. Wellington ,Whitireia Publishing.

Dunn, H., Trimmer, W., and Laracy, K. (2011). Psychopharmacology: A handbook for New Zealand health professionals (2nd Ed.). Whitireia Publishing. Second Edition.

Trimmer, W., Laracy, K., and Love-Gray, M. (2009). Creating a space to close the theory practice gap. Good Practice Publication Grant, Ako Aotearoa National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence, Wellington, New Zealand.

Gell, D., & Laracy, K. (2009). Implementing Primary Health Care Strategy in a Prison Setting. Te Ao Maramatanga New Zealand College of Mental Health Nurses Inc. 1-3 April 2009, Wellington Convention Centre

Trimmer, W., Laracy, K., & Love-Gray, M. (2009). Seeing the bigger picture through problem based learning. 2nd International P)BL symposium Republic Polytechnic, Singapore 10-12 June 2009

Trimmer.,W. Laracy.,K. & Love-Gray, M.(2008). An evaluation of the implementation of problem based learning for new graduate nurses. Unpublished Manuscript.

Trimmer, W., & Laracy, K. (2008). Living and breathing it! Conference presentation at “Be the change you want: Workforce ingenuity” The HMS 18th Annual conference Auckland Convention Centre 2-5 September 2008

Trimmer, W., & Laracy, K. (2007). Doing it better: Clinical excellence and problem based learning. 18-20 July Te Ao Maramatanga New Zealand College of Mental Health Nurses Inaugural Conference 2007, Hamilton New Zealand

Cultural Safety Research Group (2006) “Opening our eyes-shifting our thinking” The process of teaching and learning about reflection in cultural safety education and practice: An evaluation study. A conjoint research project between the Nursing Centre of Learning, Whitireia Community Polytechnic and the Graduate School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health , VUW, Wellington: NZ

Laracy, K. (2005). ‘Othering’ Self: The Socio-political, Identity and the Nurse Educator’ 19-22 October 2005. New York City, USA. 31stAnnual Transcultural Nursing Society (TCNS).

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Laracy, K. (2000). Fanning the Spark: Seeking the Rooty Pieces of the Stones. Whitireia Nursing Journal, 7, 40-44


Laracy, K., and Gell, D. (2009). Implementing primary mental health care in a prison setting. Mind the Future 2nd Biennial International Conference of Te Ao Maramatanga New Zealand College of Mental Health Nurses – 3 April, Wellington, New Zealand.

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