Learn from established book editors and receive individual feedback and peer support through workshops, forums and online material. This programme improves skills and expands opportunities for experienced editors already working in publishing.

Programme Overview

The only programme of its kind, the Editing Masterclass improves skills and expands opportunities for experienced editors working in publishing.​​​ The Editing Masterclass develops the skills of mid-career editors, focusing on the expertise needed to work on book-length manuscripts.

Established book editors mentor students through work on real book manuscripts. The programme offers individual feedback, peer support and collaboration. It is delivered through workshops, online discussion groups, and course material especially developed in the context of the New Zealand book trade. Students will finish this programme with the skills to take their editing work to a new stage, receiving realistic feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.

Programme Outline

Areas covered in this programme include 

  • appraising manuscripts in terms of the intended reader, the publisher’s requirements and the author’s intentions
  • assessing and working with structure, organisation and content
  • analysing voice and tone, working with literary skills and devices
  • the types and levels of editorial intervention necessary for different genres, purposes and contexts
  • collaboration and negotiation, particularly for working with authors

This programme involves two intensive face-to-face workshops, supplemented by online course material and independent work on a book manuscript.

Entry Requirements

Domestic students

Evidence of a minimum of three to four years experience as a working editor, and written references from employers and clients.

International students

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