For registered nurses providing care for people undergoing surgery and other interventions such as investigative radiology. Advance your perioperative practice in assessment, management and service delivery. You may gain credits towards Master’s study.

This clinically focused programme is for registered health professionals providing care for people undergoing interventions in surgical or acute medical settings e.g. surgery and investigative radiology.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Perioperative Specialty Nursing supports health professionals to advance their perioperative practice in assessment, management and service delivery characterised by high quality, evidence based nursing care, for patients and their families. The integration of theory and practice advances clinical judgement, critical thinking, and clinical leadership in a challenging and supportive learning environment.

This programme are offered in partnership  in Wellington and Christchurch with Medtra New Zealand Limited.

Programme Outline

HSC8401: The Foundations of Specialty Nursing (45 credits)

Extend your knowledge and skills to assess and manage clinical situations in the context of increasing complexity in acute care and perioperative practice. Normal physiology, pathological processes, the impact of surgical interventions and an individual’s response, including the adaptation to chronic health issues, are explored. There is a focus on evidence-based practice as the foundation for high quality service delivery in response to patients’ clinical needs and to provide support for patients and their family/whanau. Exploring the contribution of research to practice and the use of critical reflection further develop professional expertise, competency and valid knowledge.

HSC8402: Praxis in Perioperative Specialty Nursing (45 credits)

Demonstrate advancing practice knowledge and skill in perioperative nursing. By focusing on the perioperative period, this course is designed to extend your assessment skills for enhanced clinical judgment in recognising deviations from normal and managing complications of acute medical/surgical interventions as well as providing client centred care beyond routine practice, embracing the increasing complexity consistent with contemporary practice. The content further develops praxis through the utilisation of research, quality improvement and clinical leadership.

Entry Requirements

Registered health professional with a current New Zealand practising certificate, Bachelor degree or equivalent AND relevant clinical employment for a minimum of 2 days (15 hours) per week.

International students

Must meet domestic entry requirements, have IELTS 7.0 or equivalent.